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Victoria Police Corruption.

Victoria Police Corruption - 2.

The Hoser Files: The Fight Against Entrenched Official Corruption.

Smuggled: The Underground Trade In Australia's Wildlife.

Smuggled-2: Wildlife Trafficking, Crime And Corruption In Australia.

Police Corruption CD ROM (Five books in one).

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Taxi - Indecent exposures.

Taxi -2:More Indecent Exposures.


Victoria Police Corruption - Media Suppression of the facts.

Guilty of telling the truth - next step jail.

Victoria Police - How a Corruption Whistleblower Was Jailed on Falsified Charges.

Victoria Police - Charges Falsified - Police Violence, Perjury, etc, (A Routine Case).

Corruption in the Victorian Police and other high places - Protection of known child molestors.

More Victorian Government/Police Corruption - Taxi Industry - Who Murdered Peter Coe?

Jeff Kennett - Victoria - his illegal/criminal activity.

Moreland City Council - Melbourne, Victoria.

NSW Police Corruption.

I.C.A.C. Corruption in New South Wales.

West Australian Police Corruption.

How Corrupt Officials in The National Crime Authority Run the illegal Australian Trade in Narcotics.

Australian Wildlife Crime Website.

Smuggled-2 beats Three Defamation Writs - Internet Censorship (1).

Internet Censorship (2) - by Victorian Government Politician, State Ombudsman's Office and others.

Media Censorship and misinformation (lies) - Melbourne, Australia. (1)

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service - Further Corruption.

Police Corruption - United Kingdom

Internet Censorship (3) Sites wiped in the United States by Corrupt Australian Bureaucrat.

Legal Statement (Hansard) for the books Victoria Police Corruption and Victoria Police Corruption - 2

The price you pay for blowing the lid on corruption - a chronology

Downloadable Corruption Resources and Transcripts

Police try to seize corruption books from printers

Dynamiting the cone of silence

First Royal Commission caused by Police Corruption book - Victoria Police Corruption

Ambulance/Intergraph Corruption

Age newspaper pays $10,000 damages after unlawfully plagiarising corruption author's book

Cash/Contra for comments - Melbourne radio 3AW

Cash/Contra for comments - Melbourne radio 3AW - The ABA inquiry (2000)

More media lies and censorship (Age/Herald-Sun) - Victoria, Australia (2)

Extortionist threatens to ban Police Corruption book - Australia

Leading corruption author vindicated yet again

Extortionist and Police informant backed by Victorian Ombudsman's office fail to ban top-selling corruption book

Books banned by Victorian Government - Australia

More bashing's by Victorian police - Australia

Queensland Police Corruption - indifference by authorities.

Legal Statement -,,, servers

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